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Studio7 Makeup AcademyStudio7 Makeup Academy
Studio7 Makeup AcademyStudio7 Makeup Academy

Studio7 Makeup Studio is the International Makeup School of Hyderabad.

Makeup artistry is a highly competitive industry in which success is derived fron the quality of the training and your dedication to achieve the highest standard possible

Adverstising,television,cinema,events promotion etc.are activities where the look,appearance and grooming of individuals is very important.the media makeup industry contributes professsionally to these requirements through hair styling,makeup,cosmetics and skin care

At Studio7 Makeup Academy i received the best tutorials both theoretical and practical. Came all the way from Oweri to train in Lagos, It was worth every single Penny spent. Studio7 Makeup Academy team ROCKS!!!

– Adaoma Ganet Progress

For me it was inspirational, charismatic as well as opening me up to the concept of a "modern style" in the world of makeup, true to my own creativity yet open.

– Medigoda. Tumini. Ja'afaru
(Abuja Class of April 2011)

I had such a wonderful and rewarding experience @ the Studio7 Makeup academy my daily makeup style has changed, I can confidently do people's brows now, Can't believe how much I learnt in just 2 weeks. Thank you Studio7!

– Rebwert Etunou Bomo
(Calabar Class of August 2012)

My Studio7 Makeup Academy experience was wonderful. I came all the way from Jos, made good friends and contacts that am enjoying now! The studio was perfect; the instructor was amazing and patient. I never knew I could fix false lashes, but I saw people learn how to fix false lashes without tears after about two lessons! Glad to be a Studio7 Makeup Academy Graduate Student

– Rose Anoh
(Abuja Class of April 2012)

Thanks to Studio7 Makeup Academy, I now see makeup beyond just the application of powders, lipsticks and pencils. Till date, I never forget all I was taught, it was an awesome and long lasting experience. If I have another opportunity to attend a make-up school, I'll definitely choose Studio7 Makeup Academy again, again and even again.

– Bello Felicia Oremeyi
(Abuja Class of September 2011)